Jebsens and Seatrans to partner for a new company for ship management and crewing services

The intended joint venture named 7Mountains Maritime, will provide a boost to Norwegian ship management.

BERGEN, NORWAY, 15 February 2018 – Seatrans and Jebsens have complementary competences and geographical domains. Today, they have announced their mutual intention to establish a new company that will provide services to the market that the parties individually cannot offer.

In recent years, a number of Norwegian shipowners have purchased ship management services from abroad.  K. Jebsens Rederi and Seatrans Ship Management aims to set up a new joint venture offering external customers complete ship management services, based on Norwegian quality and experience.

Erik Mohn, Gisle Rong, and Brede Gislefoss.

“We were in no doubt as to the potential for the new company in an industry facing increasing challenges from major ship management companies based in Asia.  We aim to make use of our many years of experience and expertise in the new company, benefiting small and medium-sized shipping companies. 7Mountains Maritime will provide customers with the same solutions we use ourselves, helping improve their operations,” explains CEO Bjørn Jebsen in Jebsens and CEO Gisle Rong, Seatrans Ship Management.

The new company will be based in Bergen, and an efficient business model has been developed whereby 7Mountains Maritime draws on the networks and expertise already established in the two shipping companies. 7Mountains Maritime provides the entire range of ship management services via highly experienced groups in Norway, Poland, Romania, the Philippines, Vietnam and Australia. “By becoming part of a system comprising numerous skilled colleagues in both Europe and Asia, we will be an attractive supplier to both Norwegian and foreign shipping companies. 7Mountains Maritime will maintain a high ethical standard and quality, and will therefore also be an attractive employer for seafarers who want to work for shipping companies with a high reputation and that provide good terms and safe working conditions,” maintains Erik W. Mohn and Brede Gislefoss in 7Mountains Maritime.

About Jebsens

Jebsens Rederi (www.jebsens.com) is a wholly integrated shipping company based in Bergen. Via Abojeb Company, Inc. (www.abojeb.com), Jebsens has comprehensive and international operations within ship management services, including crewing. Jebsens/Abojeb employs approximately 15,000 seafarers. The companies have 250 employees in the Philippines and Norway. Bjørn Jebsen is shipowner and owner of K. Jebsens Rederi. Brede Gislefoss is VP Business Development at K. Jebsens Rederi.

About Seatrans Ship Management

Seatrans Ship Management (SSM) is a subsidiary of the Seatrans Group (www.seatrans.no). SSM has specialised in management and crewing services for the Group’s own operation of chemical tankers and Ro-Ro ships. The Seatrans Group employs approximately 450 seafarers. SSM has departments in Norway, Poland and Romania, with a total of 50 employees.

Gisle Rong is CEO of Seatrans Ship Management. Erik W. Mohn is Head of Crewing, HR Shore, Staff and Support in Seatrans Ship Management.


For more information, please contact Brede Gislefoss, tel.: +47 932 41 916 or Gisle Rong, tel.: +47 482 94 311.

7Mountains operations is done by Seatrans Ship Management and Jebsens. Please click link to read the Privacy Statement for the two companies.